Inflatable Rentals

We offer a variety of bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses for parties and events!



Monster Truck Jumper

The kids will have a monster truck of a time in this supersized 15×15 jumper!

Princess Castle

Feel like a princess in this 13×13 beautiful jumper!

Noah’s Arc Jumper

Bounce around with Noah and his animal friends in this 15×15 jumper!

Castle Jumper

The kid’s imagination will soar in the castle inflatable!  The kids will feel like they are kings is this classic 13 X 13 castle bounce house!

Tiger Bounce House

This is the Puuuurfect inflatable for a roaring good time!  The 15 X 15 jumper is a bright addition to add to the party!

Sports Jumper

No matter what sports you play, you’ll jump like a champ in this awesome 13×13 jumper!


Dry $279 Wet $329

Monster Truck Jumper & Slide

You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with this monster of a jumper and slide. Rent either wet or dry. Either way you’ll be revving up the fun!

Princess Castle Jumper & Slide

Feel like a princess in this beautiful combo!

Sports Jumper & Slide

Score Big with this combo jumper and slide. Wet or dry, the game is on!

Castle 5-1

It’s a Bounce House! No, it’s a slide! No, it’s the best of both worlds! Your kids will have a blast playing on this combo unit! It’s great for any age!!


Noah’s Ark Slide

Join Noah and his animal friends on an adventurous 18ft. slide that will keep the kids excited and busy for hours. Great for church events.

PRICE $349.00

King of the Hill

This is the king of inflatables at 35’x35′! Race to the top and see who will be the king of the hill at your party or event!

PRICE $599.00

Inflatable Soccer Dart Board

Nuthin But Fun owns the largest inflatable dart board around at 21ft. tall by 21ft. wide!  Play soccer darts, shoot arrows, or throw tennis balls– see who gets the highest score!

PRICE $349.00

First in Goal Bungee Challenge

Two players are connected together by a bungee cord. As they try to score a touchdown, they pull each other back and forth. Out duel your opponent by scoring more touchdowns.

PRICE $399.00

Obstacle Course

Backyard Obstacle Challenge

Up, over under, through – race with your friends on this 40ft. obstacle course and see if you have what it takes to make it to the end!

PRICE $349.00

Extreme Caution Obstacle Course

No caution needed in this 29ft. long by 16ft. high obstacle course. Duck, climb and race through, to get first place against your friends!

PRICE $349.00

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