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Dunk Tank

Make a big splash at your next event with this awesome dunk tank!  Super fun for everyone!

Take about 30-45 minutes to fill.  Includes the balls too!  Call today


Pitch Burst

Don’t like dunk tanks?  Then go with Pitch Burst–a great alternative!  Fill a large balloon with water and prepare to get soaked when the balls hits the target!

Price $150

(Rental comes with 50 balloons.)

King Kong Pong

Our new King Kong Pong makes an old game we all love into a full sized game!

PRICE $150.00

Potato Sacks

Race individually or team up with someone in our double sacks to have a jumping great time!

$10 per single sack

$15 per double sack

Big Feet

Are you and your friends coordinated enough to race to victory? Only on way to find out-rent them!

Price $75

Hippity Hop

Kids will have an awesome hopping time with these classic hippity hops! Oh wait! We have adult ones too! See who wins-probably the kids!

Price $10 each – minimum 4

(Only available with another rental.)

4-Way Tug of War

Price $50

(Only available with another rental.)

Tug of War

Price $25

(Only available with another rental.)


Need power for your rental?  We got you covered with our generators!

Only $75.00

Generators also available with rentals for $75.00

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